Castrol Edge Titanium

Created to reflect the strong ambitions for this new super grade oil, we devised a visual concept using a brilliant ‘metallic’ dancer, CG engine creations and a stack of five cars resting on a single stiletto heel. We shot in 5k, post-produced and graded in our Soho finishing facilities and rounded off the production with a bespoke Dolby 5.1 sound mix.  The film went on to win several awards including Gold at Cannes.

Winner at the 2014 
Hermes Creative Awards

Platinum in the category of Video Marketing (Product)

Creative Excellence Award in the category of Business-to-Consumer

Winner at the 2014 
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

In the category of Marketing

Winner at the 2014 
Stevie International Business Awards

Gold in the category of Sales (Technology)



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